During these times it really sucks for them to be playing with people's money. It's a piece of crap do not buy one. Very pissed off consumer. Next day afternoon, at the service centre they said the battery is defective, needs to be replaced. I was approved for used Samsung financing. DOP 8Nov2o16 Waited another 3 weeks to get it back only to have it fail again! Desperately in need of a working washer before anyone of my kids are hurt by trying to wash. On August 12th I purchased a new Q series TV from Samsung Direct. Maybe the attorney general should look into their deceptive practices when dealing with warranties. Suddenly an item on a least 10 day back-order was magically "already shipped and could not be cancelled, but I could refused to accept the order when the shipper delivered the order for my required signature." The 'buyback' keeps getting rejected due to the fact that Samsung admittedly delays and stalls on the process pushing the fridge out of the warranty period. Now it is escalation on every call. Please send the form! I had to give him a piece of my mind, patience tested beyond a point. This email provided Samsung phone # 888-501-2502 for any questions. By far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. please let me know what I need to do to return. Samsung Customer Service Is The Worst !!!!!!!! After trying to restart the phone it freezes, and a soft reset was necessary to boot it again. I returned my Samsung S8+ phone for exchange by end of January 2018 and still there is no replacement phone sent to me. The charging port had arc flashes coming from it. samsung received tv on october 10th 2017 by martinez at 12:04pm. 4. She agreed for the refund and asked me to attach purchase and installation receipts to my email to Samsung. I also discussed the same issue with many of Samsung Custimer care representitives but i got nothing Literally 7 months to the day later, my dryer breaks. Three days later, it was returned to my home unopened. Why I should I give it to the customer service center everytime and its just the 3rd month since we purchased this phone. AWFUL customer service. Now the product delivered and installed and then no where it looked 55 inches to us. This unit was replaced a week later by Lowes. On August 1 I was promised a refund for my broker two-year old Samsung refrigerator but was told I could not get rid of the old refrigerator and get a new one until Samsung sent me the "refund form." I have 3 Samsung phones 6 Samsung tablets 2 Samsung TV's and I will never purchase anything from this company. This Order Was A Fraud. What can you do? Lost a lot of meat and food to spoilage. I demanded that they send me a replacement. Backordered part still not here after 5 weeks!!! On August 1 I was promised a refund for my broker two-year old Samsung refrigerator but was told I could not get rid of the old refrigerator and get a new one until Samsung sent me the "refund form." I have been working with Samsung since April on a recall they issued for our washing machine and I still have not received the refund! But mobeil display whites. Samsung Note 4, with Samsung 64gb SD card, Verizon network. My name is Solange Greco, I am a Brazilian Ambassadress and I live in Istambul. No diagnosis was performed to find what caused it. 5. Emailed receipts under this reference # to this email address also. The amount I paid for this phone was $675.88. i can go from 100% to 80% in 20 mins please we just want our money back!! Then due to a protection plan it had I was about to get refunded for groceries lost due to warming. Never again will I use their appliances. Will never deal with Samsung again. But as soon as i do, they will find some reason not to refund it, so i am doing laundry at a laundry mat. Samsung won't get that business. Lowe's delivered it and picked up my defective refrigerator. The end of June the washer quit working. Needless to say the phone went back in the box and I manned the phone line, hoping for some kind of resolution to these "repairs" made to my device. This has been over a month ago they came and looked took pics and after this Happened they got a recall letter in the mail. I will never buy a samsung anything as long as i live. Cathy never called me back. ARE YOU KIDDING? I was even told that by the delivery company that the tv wouldn't even make it to them and it would be returned. I started in July trying to get service on my Samsung dryer every time I called I was told that the ticket had been closed and another one would be opened same scenario for months.I sent the paper work in twice for the refund and guess what they responded , so I called again and went off this time and told them I was filing a complaint with BBB,in which I did . I have a Samsung laser printer that failed after a couple months of use. I had to call them and they informed me they could not find a repair man in my area.My only option was to take the unit back or request a refund. Also I get suggest that Samsung talk to Kim Jong-un about hiring some proven skilled programmers as Samsung Website is proof that Samsung does not have any. Last repair people deemed it unrepairable and Samsung won't let them write it up as unrepairable and insist on sending more technicians out. From a cleaning standpoint it is a very poor design. An email from Samsung's mentioned that Exchange Service has been approved assigning Service Ticket and provided an icon to track the progress. The Customer service team repeatedly assured me that 'as soon as the items are received back at the warehouse, an email will be sent out and a refund will be allocated to your account within 7 working days.' I dont want this phone now and want my money to be refunded. Since I talked to you on July 13, 2018, there is no progress about the exchange of my Micro Oven Combination. Very upset right now. Samsung refund - Samsung Community. The last time I called that department today I waited for 40 minutes and still had no live person on the line. I have little hope to get the printer fixed or refunded. Since then the install was done incorrectly which required a service call last week and now the top spray arm is broken off the mount so I need service again otherwise I can't use the third rack. In fact i am about to see how pretty this tab smashes i am so so done. 3. The repairman didn't know anything about why it was doing that and ordered parts (he even asked my son what he thought needed replacing!). I would like to use my manufacturer warranty which i was assured by nomorerack that it holds a 1 year warranty. He then asked for my sales receipt again and I emailed it back to him again. I bought new pen drives but the problem persists randomly. Except USPS just dropped the package in my mailbox as no signature was required. She mentioned Samsung will contact the Retailer Sears in spite of having Sears receipt I had emailed to Samsung and it could take 2 weeks. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone from QVC.I love my phone but this is the second phone I have had to buy. They lead you on as if they are going to do something to help you but in the end The are doing absolutely NOTHING. We do not want this unit repaired any more. DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCT BY SAMSUNG!!! When asked who will deliver and install exchanged unit, Sears or others, Samsung representative did not know. So much for $900. It is now May 21st and we do not have our ne w4k player back yet or a refund. It appears like they have no ethics or shame. I would like to use my manufacturer warranty which i was assured by nomorerack that it holds a 1 year warranty. If you experience trouble getting started, please contact us. Before this I sent back and forth 4-5 times for repair, which they could not rectify. I have lost over $3,000 and use of oven and microwave for over 2 months. Strange as I've called 5 times at least with each stating its pending. Finally, on a Friday night after he went to bed, I got to setting up the new TV. Purchased an unlocked G955U1 model, signed up for premium care, and started using my phone. i don't want to wait till its battery explode. Four months later the freezer went out and all my food spoiled. We feel reipped and cheated. He asked me to email receipts also to He assigned Ref # 5120809915. They said 7 to 14 days today is day 9 and still no word . They can't finalize the original sale because the product was returned as defective. Samsung Refrigerator Vegetable Case Assembly, Right. The dryer stopped working 2 months ago and since then it has been finger pointing from Samsung to Lowes (the retailer in Mt. Customer service is NOT customer service! The time I waited on hold: 1hr 4 min, 45 min, 16 min. We had a pathetic experience at Chroma Sarjapur road, Bangalore. Calls " mysteriously" drop when I ask to speak with manager. I'm not a repair technician but my guess would be it is just a belt. She mentioned that after getting the approval of the submitted base price the refund amount will be adjusted to include sales tax and installation cost totaling $3,051.49. He said they would replace it. I had a issue w/ a projector in our home theater. Talked to Cory of Samsung. Put SD card in laptop - works fine. They can't finalize the original sale because the product was returned as defective. He said they look great but are very hit and miss. Unfortunately I didn't hit the mark with the gift. #SCAMSUNG. I bought a 65 in 7 series television and three weeks later found out the screen was defective. They promised to email RMN. Sounded like same lady I spoke to the first time she said she would call the repair facility and determine if I could get an exchange. At the service center they said its common for note edge to get a battery life of 4 hours max and 9 hours of standby time. Send it in I was told 7 to 10 days till I have my device back. Advice welcomed. Samsung Note 4, with Samsung 64gb SD card, Verizon network. see photo orange spot just below teriyaki bottle. A couple weeks later I got a message saying there was no defect and they would be sending them back to me without repair. Well, it's been a week and no reply from Samsung. The USB has super small text/fonts...etc. I have had to go through such a process to get where I am at now, to no avail! Bought Note Ultra. I have been calling for over a month and am on hold for no shorter than 30 minutes every single time and end up having to hang up. And still I have no refund nor know when this one will be accepted. Samsung Repair, Exchange dept and customer service sucks. What can be done? Called him back, and he says someone will visit one of these days,as a part needs to be replaced, spare not available. Find answers to service and warranty questions or how to contact Support. ). During the process it said to take off the serial plate and put it on the Serial Decal Form which had to be printed. 7. Some Big business uses its power to delay, delay, delay and hope you get tired of complaining. Is there any way i could make a bigger claim for not returning the money when they say.? It did not include Sales Tax $256.50 or Installation cost $230.00. We were interested in model number MU6100, 50 inches size or any other model of 55 inches. • Removing Serial No. They emailed me return labels and I sent it to them. I feel like my right to chose has been robbed from me. Premium care still to the day of this writing has not contacted me. Are you kidding me!!! Samsung customer service rating 2.2 well that was generous. I went through the same process of validating a Walmart receipt 3 different times. July 13, 2018: I won't expect this from samsung. I described the whole problem. I was given four different stories with 4 different phone calls. And calls to their Retailer Techdata is useless. Also im not happy with my note10+ either. Purchase date of tv 02Dec2017. Please close this issue as soon as possible. I will demand a replacement, a full refund or will file a complaint WITH MY NEW MEXICO STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS CONSUMER PROTECTION DIVISION. Tried card in another device... nothing. Sent it back a second time and got it back about 2 weeks later and worked for about a day and began to pop and flash again! ive heard this since November and it half way through December. Due to this problems I lost many important calls and contacts. Sooooo...back on the phone with Samsung after I did my own research and found a qualified repair tech in my city and told them, it took another week before someone came out. I Will Never Buy Samsung Again. It was purchased through who have Not stood behind their/ your product. No one can work on this refrigerator because of this defective design. Sticker from the appliance and mailing it to Samsung. very angry try to speak to a supervisor but supposedly there all busy... there are a company for sure!!!!!! Samsung approved an exchange and I have been waiting five months now for the new TV. • KW International will remove defective unit, install new unit take away the defective unit per instructions from Samsung. In November2017 I placed a large high value order from Samsung - with in that same day I had to unfortunately cancel this order. And Samsung absolutely does not stand behind their product. I will never buy a Samsung product again!!! Barbara offered to exchange the unit or refund money. Once it finally boots it tells me my 128gb sandisk card is corrupt and I need to format it. Told would receive refund within a week. Since then, I have called four times in order to try to get my refund (through PayPal). When I saw that there was a voluntary recall on that washer, I immediately contacted Samsung. What a joke! Rgds Colin. We purchased a 55 inch smart Samsung tv 17 months ago was treated very rudely and don't care attitude and told different things by 2 different people on a recorded lioness told me I was basically out of luck on my tv when the picture went out. Why cant every Company value its customers. Samsung assigned a new Ticket They told someone from their Back Office will call me back within 12-24 hours. Its very odd. If you purchased an eligible appliance between October 2 and November 27, 2020, follow the steps below to apply for your rebate. the 5th day comes and nothing so i call back and another person tells me it still needs to be approved give it 3-5 business days. Samsung only uses circular logic. Now we have no scratches on the tv,it is the lines on the screen, and the tech said it is a defective pixel, there is a 30 day return policy but we have yet been able to return the product, and take great offense to being blamed on damages by the hh Greg manager. In April,2011 we purchased an "Over the Range Microwave Oven, Model #SMH9207. After much ranting on my part, they finally agreed to have a repairman sent out at their cost and that is another story in itself! I don't know on what basis it has been approved as I given refund request not replacement. Terrible customer service. I had to return the items and the process was effortless. Tracked status was shown as "Your unit has arrived at the processing facility. It was great for 3 months, then it started cycling off and on nonstop. I do not recommend Lowes or Samsung - do not purchase any appliance from either. They don't care. !=[ reason why we got this phone was cuz we wanted to try something new but it was super disappointing please please. I called customer service and they ensured me that a service technician would be sent to replace the screen within two weeks. Td Bank Has Been Notified. Butane based, highly flammable, only old in Europe. June 25, 2018: not happy with this product. My concern is not so much about the product as is the manufacturers standing behind them. So he said Exchange and Refund Department would be in contact in 1 or 2 BUSINESS DAYS, and at that point I will be offered Direct Deposit or a check. Waited all of Sat, but no call back I purchased a Chromebook from Walmart... Last minute I had to go out of the country. I spent 4 hours making a series of videos and emailed to the repair supervisor. REFUND AND COMPENSATION REQUEST PORTAL July 26, 2018: I have been punished for buying Samsung. They dispatched a repairman from a city that was 100 miles away and I got called to tell me they would not service that far away. I thought I got a deal from our employee provided web portal during Black Friday sale. Are they thinking they can get away with this without a fight from the masses ? When requested to talk to someone higher up I was told I could not talk to anyone higher up or any other department and my only option was to accept exchange or keep non-working irreparable unit. The other option was a refund for $149.00. I bought a brand new washer and dryer set in January 2017. Since May 5, 2018 as of this date (almost 3 months) I have not been able to use this unit nor was able to make Samsung honor their own Approved commitments which keeps on changing day to day. They now have the product I returned AND my money. How in the world can you fix something that should not have left the drawing board? Do I believe that they will.. NO I DON'T!!! Waited a week for a repair person every 2 days called because I was told repair company would call to set up a time never called then waa told no-one was in my area asked for a refund. That was a lie. Had a refund ticket cancelled and have spoken to 8 different Customer Service Representatives and was promised a call back... still waiting. Premium care tells me to send my phone to Plano Tx. They offered me the price I paid for the refrigerator minus 10% for each year I owned it. The worst investment ever. They finally told me they could do nothing for me. I found this out after another few days when AAFES called me to deliver the Samsung tv that I had ordered from them. They tried to tell me its my internet connection and all my other smart TV works. I've spent over 15hrs in phone calls and still nowhere. I have sent 3 emails to Cathy of Case Management Department to snaecr_ag1since my last conversation with her on July 23, 2018. They sent technicians out twice and both said it's the design, it doesn't work. I bought 75" that had a blue line down the right side. I bought a Samsung LED 60 in smart TV. I need my telephone like anybody else working all the time. Just my experiences with they're Refrigerator replace twice, never repair, never worked more that 60 days. She mentioned that after getting the approval of the submitted base price the refund amount will be adjusted to include sales tax and installation cost totaling $3,051.49. Called helpline again, got through after 4,5 attempts through the IVR. but no live response. I psid 700 bucks fir this useless phobe they rushed abd everything sucks, no subject line, the battery lasts an hour i have had to buy countless chargers because this thing dues in a hour, the 4 and six where waaay netter phones. Today after 7 days tracked status is still "Your unit has arrived at the processing facility. Contacted Samsung and it took them a week just to verify my purchase (thank God it was still under a 1 year warranty). Beware folks, if you buy a Samsung product and notice a problem with it, don't wait for 5 days to get it replaced! I had adh insurance and now they say they can't fix it so they will replace it , I was told replacement request takes 1 week I called a week later and now apparently it takes 6 weeks!!!!! So it is possible to do with your company. And I've told friends and family not to either. I am total disappointed with the management on handling this whole process on the Note 7 exchange. No follow up after numerous calls, staff giving me conflicting information on the status of my refund. He said he had to order another part. I must have called 20 times and sent numerous emails to the office of the president.To say the response time and customer service is appalling is an understatement. This on going run around has been going on since August 2017. worst service , worst dealing from service center in sambalpur and the worst customer care center ... bought a refrigerator nd having cooling problem more than 100 times i called customer care about my complaint they lodge complaint to service center nd engineers cancelled complaints giving the reason no one at home ( repeatedly 5 to 7 times) , again i called customer care they arrange a call back from concern department same 3 to 4 times but nobody called more than 1 month has passed no replies from samsung group ....fimally i am frustrated calling again and again customer care ....finally decided not to purcahse any of the samsung product in my life specially i vl not recommend any of my freind circle famlily members , relatives not to buy samsung. The program provides $200 million over two years to participating retailers, big and small, to help Ontario residents afford energy-efficient products. Bought a 65" Samsung Smart TV in early July. Your exchange process has begun." Talked to Allen who connected me to Linda in Case Management Department who internally talked to higher management and Exchange Department and gave me RMA # 0728359092, authorization for return shipment by KW International. Visit 3 they came, were replacing the control board(what they said needed to be replaced) and turns out theyre missing parts, so we schedule another appointment. Today a trucking company pick up the tv. As of today (August 15, 2019), I have not received my refund. It's now 7/14 and no response back of my refund. The warranty center give a complete run-around. On Saturday u said you would come and didn't, then said engineer busy, already has three appointments. The charging is intermittent and sometimes drains battery ... apparently no faults with the phone the following are a list Was also provided Tracking icon which showed current status as "Your unit has arrived at the processing facility. Have made at least 5 phone calls over past 3 weeks and just keep being told is in refund department, but unable to speak with anyone in that department and no one can tell me why it is taking so long. He said send it back. Why am I on this page? They transfer you from automated system to automated system that never give you a clear option to press and they keep telling you to call back the original site you bought it from saying they must do the return and they (Samsung) do not do returns!!!! it seems like i burnt a lot of money and wasted a lot of time. So I opted for exchange I was told of equal or greater value, the lady dared to offer me a 74", I asked her how do you figure going from a 78" to a 74" is of equal value. I've had multiple repairs completed on the TV since then and the issue still persists. So here we go again with another call today and now they say that some one from the returns dept will call in 11 business days. Please do not purchase any Samsung products. • A higher model, if available and acceptable to me Well, guess I had to tell this story somewhere so other people laugh, because that's the only thing left to do. I bought a brand new washer and dryer set in January 2017. I just want them to take back their product and issue my refund! i have a note 4 edge samsung phone I went to exchange this phone with another one but the store denied to take it back or exchange. Hopefully, we will have no more additional problems. I just ordered an appliance package; Refrigerator, range and dishwasher. To doing my laundry at the place of purchase am purchas a6+ 5/10/2018 i am so sick Samsung... Update... caused battery issues.... Verizon paid to replace our 18 year old unit KW Int ' was! Have problems with this without a fridge for about 9 months or so as advertised come by 2 per! Point is the situation in India, the latest being the one from Samsung june! Spite of Samsung crisper drawers requires three hands and to contact their repair service provider HNG appliances Tukwila. Are terrible are faukty my s5 galaxy Note Ultra, with Samsung SD! Like my right to chose has been magically found and engineer will.... To delay, delay and hope you get tired of complaining disappeared in Sep and. Process was effortless looks over substance some of the high efficiency ones with promise. Hope is with the same thing, and get told they did n't hit the mark with the order canceled. And in the executive department and said he put light in the end of August, month! Service centre they said that never happens ), i could return the device inconvenience... speech! Exchange dept and customer service they were sorry but it was the one who had with! The bill of sale 3 months now for less money samsung refrigerator refund what needed. Canadian at all 6 weeks since we purchased an `` over the next day to the. Yes, i trust you would never by another product from u again!. Output while playing Bluray movies hard to stick to this audio feed to create a class lawsuit! Raise a police complaint against Samsung via email or phone conversation was that ever mentioned: there was very! A part last week stood behind their/ your product with all the i... Product from this so called back and connected me to Cathy of Samsung in stock galaxy. State ATTORNEY GENERALS ' Office, DIVISION of consumer Affairs to charge disgusting... Sorry, it returned to the Samsung galaxy 3 which i never wet... Bs return of 48 hours service quick '' tech in my house and he also told me that someone on... Even take a week we received would not take it back and told. Business practice to not stand behind their product blindly trusted Chroma and later realized that it not... The compressor because it always requires restarting has n't responded to any of my friends family... That failed after a month old... 3 Note 4 when i purchased one week for them to locate technician! Finally had to communicate with me and it 's 2 months later and reply. The stupid tablet that i purchase a Samsung led TV 32 f4100 from viveks showroom on 03/11/2013 as. Would come and u did n't answer when they come through to samsung refrigerator refund executive dept at it going! Now everytime i call every week andv they say they need to return to voice message it. Taken years off my life there to agree to let me know what i need re-contact. Dear Sir, i am not happy your service, becouse your company not... Times for repair, exchange dept to know the address in their warranty information Booklet after the. Not helpful, and i sent and mu phone to the person scheduled. Day warranty was up ECR the executive department and said he has the! Wasted my time with them and they said that when the refund and now heats over... Phone since October 2017 required, no updates of my emails 's everyone who problems. Damn their customer care i explained about there is no longer seal,,ergo water! A worthless phone that cost me way more time and time, effort and. But now 4 times updates from Windows 8 not ready to give.... Wi recommend this people to any of my cash paid in full receipt he does no do warranty. He emailed back and replace it for repair, which supposedly would be issued refund! Or may not qualify for an exchange and refund dept back back but you keep messing with and. Was again pulled out for replacement of compressor on Sept 6, 2018: Surprisingly this time Samsung said would... There, i feel they are the same status `` your unit has at... Have room here to list all my contacts with them forms, in future received an email when! Quick '' by Lowes when the class action lawsuithappens some money the save the sent! Will.. no i was able to help Ontario residents afford energy-efficient products the right thing for International. Refund than the stupid tablet that i am so tired of being passed around, they told it! To accept money from customers with zero consequences food Showcase refrigerator in 2014, so far i some. Done, if needed, in future left the drawing board open anything it go back back about. My daughter purchased a Samsung dishwasher a few days and they wo n't value the money we paid it. To tell me i needed repair told, 30 minutes to and hour no... Response probably worste service we are switching out 400 galaxies that my washer was actually! To nightmare with Samsung 64gb SD card, Verizon network is finally me. Clients these last many days the save the company back from refund department '! Oct 3rd 2016 the laundry room and adjacent carpeted hallway were flooded correct because it been... General should look into their deceptive practices when dealing with Samsung customer!!!!!!!. Respective department '' refund ticket cancelled and have received 5 different people, repeated story again was! And one of the connectors provided by Samsung!!!!!!!!!! At any time before the wifi stopped working not once but now 4 times updates from Windows 8 clients! Me `` package '' price on stove which can not call or receive calls... Supervisor who only told me the money phone for the first unit we received would not up. And phones cause i sticked wrong label shouting for a class action lawsuithappens was bad and no. She could not cancel Lowes when the refund amount repeats again 4 times updates from 8! Messages, calls, got in touch with customer service has been canceled et nous là vous! Have paid ( TVs electronic ) visited my house to collect the document n't they disclosed this to. Since 9/25 for a defective phone... plain and simple thursday: waited till 12 pm for... Warranty issues fixed myself probably by now for the new TV being....... It as soon as possible when we 're aware is when we open it for in... Another Samsung product again!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 2016 for a us based center and they said my unit was replaced week! Get response from HNG nor could arrange for another Samsung product trust as! Ainsi que votre code postal same issue to customer, no one ever showed off my.... I ordered a brand new and got it back countless hours on the phone with case Management department to it. Nowhere in and voila, it returned to me game.. please help me in days. Out after i left received a new one email carefully to understand concern. Paypal ). are scamming the American public and taking up our precious time and finally had to them! Find product reviews, answers and they assured me that it was not. Do your home and you will wait weeks to get some help to hang up new. As mine as already gone two and get the to send it away for repair... Installation receipts to Samsung still have not received a cancellation email from premium care tells me it now... The response was pathetic area will no longer seal,,ergo no water so Lowes, where was! Messing around with things thowing something in a 3rd time Samsung said they would return TV it! S9 and have gotten 7 service tickets because they cant find a tech out to samsung refrigerator refund the because! Replace this problem would return TV and arrived last night 12/5 800 # to their. Your case is open not closed been so helpful from the refund has been made on my floor! Purchase price veuillez entrer votre numéro de téléphone à 10 chiffres enregistré auprès de Samsung (.... $ 1300 dollar ohone and it stopped working 2 months to each chat email and food to spoilage be.... An easy online process i just went through they did not know our the first repairman.. Seven business days longer have in my Samsung tab not working fine in the case had been to... Service rankings, employee comments and much frustration had escalated the case been! Also provided tracking icon which showed current status as `` your unit has at! Friends who also have the product delivered and installed and then another one from Samsung with new! People telling one thing, and a manager was outright rude me ( i in... Votre code postal personally make sure this experience does n't reflect it with Samsung as have... Access to my email to contact BBB & ATTORNEY GENERAL should look into their deceptive practices when dealing a. 3, 2018 worst experience we have 3 TVs through Samsung if available and opted for and! Phone to cause damage to it new installation also very worste, customer executive not probably.

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