For example, -or --(dash or hyphen) interpreted as an option passed to the command. Learn Python, Dash, Plotly for data analysis and data science. Can't really do that with the root directory . Inside this file I would like to increase the session-timeout. Module names as mentioned in import statements must be valid Python identifiers. The new file dash is freaking awesome. Each individual layout consists of several different Dash components, including a date range picker, data tables, a download link, and several graphs. Create each video variant. Hyphens are not allowed in identifiers. Try the following suggestions for moving (mv) or copying (cp) these files. The dashboard which I describe in this tutorial splits up the Dash app into different files and enables one to build a multi-page app. I try to avoid using spaces in filenames and URLs. How do I get it to work ? Now you would think, you could give URL of the mpd file in the