The treadmill helps you continue running, jogging or walking during conditions where running outside is not necessarily an option. But other injuries — such as ankle sprains or skinned knees — are more common, Jonesco said. The Injuries: Thanks to Barry’s Boot Camp, Orangetheory, and Mile High Run Club, more people are doing indoor treadmill workouts than ever before. This condition is a strain or tear in the plantar fascia, which is the band of tissue along the bottom of your foot that connects the heel bone to the toes. Approximately 24,000 people end up in the emergency room for treadmill-related injuries every year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. When the weather is too hot during the summer, rainy in the spring, or cold and snowing in the winter, the treadmill often replaces the outdoor track or road. Treadmill hip and knee injuries can also be the result of wearing bad shoes and are not necessarily caused by the treadmill itself, according to the Arthritis Foundation. In 2014, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 24,400 injuries associated with treadmills were seen in hospital emergency rooms. Running on a Treadmill Using a treadmill isn’t the same as running on a track, but it can be a great alternative for people who are concerned about their physical safety or live in a … The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said there were 24,400 treadmill injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms in 2014, the last … Who is at fault for a Treadmill Accident The treadmill can be a lifesaver when it's dark outside, the weather is bad, or you're home bound with small children. "Runner's World" magazine suggests using light running shoes that provide proper support. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot problems that comes from treadmill use, Podiatry Today says. Wrap it around your wrist or clipped to your clothing, then if you should fall while running, the cord yanks the key out of the console and the treadmill stops. Running (whether you do it outside or on a treadmill) is notorious for causing injuries, and Dr. Metzl points to shin splints, runner’s knee, and Achilles tendonitis as the most common. Though treadmill deaths are rare in the United States, injuries are not. Common injuries associated with defective or poorly maintained treadmills include back and spinal cord injuries, torn ligament, fractured bones, knee injuries, traumatic brain damage, electric shock, broken nose and facial fractures and lacerations. By keeping your treadmill maintained and using a little common sense, you can prevent treadmill accidents and injuries to … Treadmill related injuries are often caused by an exerciser that forgets to warm up and cool down their muscles.
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