Payment when stock arrives. New stock arriving beginning of April, 2021. … Our experienced staff can carefully package and freight your selection straight to your door. Our standards are generally on 80cm stems - and the stems don't grow any taller - but the tops will flower and grow bigger and bushier. Picture & information intended as a helpful guide only. MAIN TYPES OF CAMELLIA. Cedrus Deadora Feeling Blue 1/4 Standard 12 Litre Pot . An oldie but a goody. PVR. They require acidic well drained soil and some sun for flowering. Pre-order now. Hybrid Std. This is a delightful Camellia with unusual small double white blooms with a hint of lemon yellow on the petals and a deeper lemon colour in the middle of the bloom. Happiest in semi-shade. Produced by and named after NZ's famous plant breeder Les Jury. This beautiful Camellia has tight bright pink buds that open to miniature, single, apple-blossom pink blooms which are lightly fragrant. The blooms are double, white, with just a hint of blush pink on the outer edges. We Have Shrubs Of Different Variety Like Azalea, Camelia, Viburnum & Grevillea. Camellias can be grown in a shrub border, as a specimen in a pot, trained into espalier or as a hedge. Flowers are usually large and conspicuous, with the first flowers appearing in late winter. Camellia Japonica Black Lace has semi-double, dark, red flowers which are freely produced in early spring. Camellias are wonderful flowering shrubs for the garden, but they also have many other uses. They are simply stunning as patio plants in large pots. Home. All of New Zealand (Rural Delivery): $39.95 × Product Notification . Under the watchful eye of this experienced couple, plants receive a great start in the excellent growing conditions of the region. Estimated price $194.99 each. PAGE 1 2 3 ALL . Dans la nature, il forme un bel arbuste pouvant dépasser 7 m de hauteur, mais il conservera sous nos climats des proportions inférieures. Dense shrubby habit, suitable for hedging or border planting. Golden stamens add to the overall effect. Contact Us. Hybrid Std. Dig in some compost, peat, bark, and aluminium sulphate. Standard Camellia's planted in a light weight charcoal or white cylinder pot, available for short-term plant hire or sale from Botanical Home. Cedrus deodara Feeling Blue is a grafted conifer with pendant blue tinted branched. £92.80. Acheter le Bougie Camélia en édition limitée de Ladurée chez AMARA. Camellias. aka Camellia . Out of Stock Online . Very vigorous upright growth habit, handsome foliage. Happiest in semi-shade with acid soil. Payment when stock arrives. Beautiful, formal, double blooms of deepest red make this a highly desirable Camellia. Camellias provide great backbone structure in a garden. You can clip any camellia into standards, but for me, I find the Sasanqua varieties more versatile. Les Jury considered this to be the best formal double red Camellia that he produced in his lifetime. Camellia transnokoensis est une espèce botanique originaire des forêts des montagnes centrales de Taiwan, notamment sur les pentes rocheuses du Mont Noko qui lui a donné son nom d'espèce. Livraison Gratuite en France Métropolitaine dès 150 € d'achat Grows to H 3m x W 3m Camellia Black Tie Std. Camellia Sasanqua Standard. Add to Cart. Delicate, tiny, star shaped, single, pure white flowers with yellow stamens are borne in profusion on a shrub with small oval dark green leaves. Species Std. Contact Us Awa Nursery Mahana Road, Waimauku PO Box 170, Waimauku Phone: (09) 411 8712 Fax: (09) 411 8715 Email: [divider] Online Enquiries Please use the form below to enquire via the website. In the garden they are used in many different contexts from roadside shelter in mixed plantings to formal topiaried sets of camellias in pots. Evergreen. Home; Products; Plants; Camellias; Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Happiest in semi-shade. Special Offers. RHS AGM. Planting. Camellias. These very special landscaping plants have been grown and trained for a minimum of 5 years before being presented for sale. I use them for hedges, large and small; pretty standards in pots outside French doors; pleached hedging along paths and allees; and as large columns for height or punctuation in the garden. Camellia hybrids are particular combinations offering the very best attributes of Camellia japonica, sasanqua and reticulata. Vigorous and profuse flowering from early autumn through to spring. Bred from the popular species C. Transnokoensis, ‘Transtasman’ has masses of tiny, single flowers that open from tight pink buds. Pop in to the nursery at 826 Gordonton Road, Hamilton to see the range or if you prefer shop from home on our secure web-site. Species Std. A flowering hedge is a real stand out in a garden, especially during the winter months. NZ Camellia Society Inc Welcome to our web site. Filter By Sort By: 11 Item(s) Show: Special. A very good performing Camellia that flowers from early autumn through to early winter. Camellia 'Buttons and Bows' has lovely formal double flowers in shades of soft pink, looks fabulous as a standard or a column. All $194.99 Camellia standards 2 for $189.99 each, All $35.99 Camellias 10 for $35 each, 20 for $34 each, 50 for $33 each, All $27.99 Camellias 10+ for $27 each, 30+ for $26 each, All $24.99 Camellias 10+ for $24 each, 30+ for $23 each, All $15.99 Camellias 20 for $15 each, 30 for $14.50 each. Photo is for illustration only . Happiest in morning sun or … There are 15 branches spread throughout NZ and they offer – Fellowship with other keen gardeners; Information on growing and enjoying camellias, and other ; plants of interest Evergreen. Strong upright growth habit. This is a delightful little Camellia with semi-double flowers that are white with pink tinges on the petal edges and backs. 25% Off Now $40.49. Japonica. growing and exhibiting camellias. Prepare your soil as recommended. Camellia Magic Nursery grows and sells Camellia Sasanqua standards. Some of our recommended varieties are Nicky Crisp, Night Rider, Black Tie, Cinnamon Cindy and Fairy Blush but there are many more to choose from. Though you can also find Hybrids, Camellia Quintessence (which makes a great ground cover), and Camellia Sinensis. Japonica. was $39.99. A pretty Camellia which would suit a small courtyard or patio area. They hand-cut the shape, tend the plant, and trim it regularly to achieve a quality topiary product. Camellia pruning is not essential to good camellia plant care but it can help to stave off some types of disease or to better shape the plant.. Best Time for Camellia Pruning A delightful little Camellia that is smothered with small deep lavender pink blooms that are semi-double. Half standard form of this beautiful variety Learn More. [contactform] [divider] Location Map Click here for a location map Click here to view on Google Maps Buy Now! Order $250 or more worth of plants and we will deliver anywhere in NZ for free* For orders under $250, the following flat fee delivery options apply: All of New Zealand (Town/City Delivery): $19.95 . Plant Catalogue. They are simply stunning as patio plants in large pots. Happiest in semi-shade. One for the collector or, if like me, you like sweet simplicity. With a flowering period from March to November, depending on the variety, they are adaptable enough to be used for hedging, standards and even bonsai, as well showing their virtues in a shrubbery. Flowers for a long period. your own Pins on Pinterest The new spring growth is an attractive bronze shade gradually maturing to green. They prefer acidic soils, and do well in full sun or part shade. Reticulata Brian . Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Many gardeners who grow this lovely flower in their garden wonder if they should be pruning camellias and how to do this. It makes a great standard which provides colour in those dull winter months. Grows in part to … In full bloom the overall effect is very soft and pretty. Many new releases in the Camellia world are hybrids, some of which have been bred right here in New Zealand. Details Standard Camellia Tree. Hardy. Camellia Sasanqua Paradise Blush Standard An upright growing camellia selection with medium sized semi double blooms. Deep green foliage. The literal translation from the Japanese is "Snow on the Ridge" which describes the profusion of double white blooms that smother this Camellia from early autumn until winter. Estimated price $189.99 each. Standards Camellias. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. For a formal look, site in pairs at either side of the door to mark the start of a path or drive. The term 'microphylla' means small leaves which exactly describes the foliage of this special Camellia. Home; Buy Plants; Shrubs; Camellia Kramer's Supreme; Free Delivery. Makes a great standard / topiary. Happiest in semi-shade and acid soil. Special Bulk Deals... SHOW ME 24 LISTINGS. Camellias are a popular and easy plant in New Zealand, tolerating a wide range of conditions. This beautiful Camellia has tight bright pink buds that open to miniature, single, apple-blossom pink blooms which are lightly fragrant. Evergreen. For novice camellia lovers and growers you may not be aware that some varieties can make great hedges or be turned into standards, they are also fantastic when espaliered. Beautiful, formal, double blooms of deepest red make this a highly desirable Camellia. For those looking to purchase a new camellia, there are two main types of camellias used in gardening in New Zealand. Type: Standards (800mm) Size: 800mm Standard One of NZ's favourite Camellias and deservedly so. They tend to be a bit more sun tolerant and grow faster. Happiest in morning sun or semi-shade. CLICK TO ENLARGE. was $53.99. Evergreen. Camellia Hybrid Jury's Yellow PB18. Camellias are fine in the wind but large flowering forms, especially whites, can bruise and so are best if … Hybrid. It also be trained to grow flat against a wall or fence, adding character to any garden. There are two main species of Camellias commonly grown in New Zealand, Camellia Japonica and Camellia Sasanqua. In the rose garden and sunken garden area, camellias add winter flowering where they are used as grafted standards, miniatures and clipped feature plants. Japonica. Standard Life is a specialist topiary nursery, and Andrew and Kim take pride in each topiary plant grown there. Translation of the … Continue shopping Go to Checkout . Camellia Hybrid Fairy Blush Standard. Evergreen. Standards are plants that are clipped into a ball shape on top of a tall clear stem. As Camellias have a lot of surface roots, they enjoy a well worked soil that is full of good garden mix. About Us. At the moment standardised camellias are very fashionable, but they’re also expensive. Prefers semi-shade. Camellias like acidic soil, so you may need to prepare yours. Aug 2, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Kris Jansen. What a gay little bush! Deep pink buds open to almost white with a pink reversion on the outer petals. They produce single, deep pink flowers. Delivered directly to your door. This beautiful Camellia is definitely one of my favourites. Evergreen. Presented here as a Standard. Evergreen. SKU: 217525. Evergreen. SKU: 211666. At Wairere Nursery in Gordonton (near Hamilton) we have an excellent range of standard Camellias on offer. Current Stock Height: STD-90/HGT-130 cm  ?

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