Orúnla owns the Table of Ifá, the sacred system of Divination, and also shares great friendship with Elegguá. If a registro indicates the petitioner is under an evil Spell, or bilongo, the babalawo must place a contravening spell, or ebbo, on the victim’s enemy. If the kiyumba agrees, the witch places the kiyumba’s name in a large IRON cauldron, along with a few coins for payment and a few drops of fresh Blood from either a rooster or the mayombero’s arm. Posted by Michelle Gruben on Jul 05, 2017. Further ingredients include wax from a burned candle, a cigar butt, ashes, lime, a piece of bamboo that contains sea water and quicksilver (the water represents the relentless tides and the silver is for speed) and that is sealed at both ends, the body of a small black dog to help the kiyumba stalk its victims, various tree barks, red pepper, chile, garlic, onions, cinnamon, rue, ants, worms, lizards, termites, bats, frogs, Spanish flies, a tarantula, a centipede, a wasp, and a scorpion. At this second creation, Olofitook over provenance of earth, and the other two went off to create life elsewhere. The rest of the recipe calls for red pepper, chili, garlic, onions, cinnamon, rue, ants, worms, lizards, termites, bats, frogs, Spanish flies, a tarantula, a centipede, a wasp and a scorpion. Orungán forced himself incestuously upon his mother, a beautiful woman of yellow skin who is the goddess of the moon and womanhood. While his clothes are buried, the novice takes a series of purifying herbal baths; at the end of 21 days, or three successive Fridays, the candidate digs up his clothes, puts them on and goes with his teacher back to the ceiba tree. Santeria "babalawo" Juliano and priest Enrique pose on October 21, 1998 in the old town in Havana, Cuba. The ordun, or pattern, is determined by how many of the shells land with their “mouths” on top. The mayombero makes a zarabanda in the traditional manner but invokes the spirit of the Congo deity Zarabanda to work directly with the kiyumba. In Haiti, the veve derives from the beliefs of the native Tainos. (Video by Jonathan Mejia) The offering – in other rituals it might have been a rooster or a duck – is a common practice in Cuba. Garlic lowers high blood pressure; coconut water acts as a diuretic; anise seed alleviates indigestion; sarsaparilla cures rheumatism, nerves, and syphilis; and indigo helps epilepsy. The shells may be bought in any botánica (a store where Santería and Vodun paraphernalia and herbs are sold) by anyone, but uninitiated users, aleyos, may use only 12. Santeros also believe there was a supreme creator of heaven and earth, but like the Gran met in Vodun, he is unapproachable. To prepare a coconut for divination, the reader must break its shell with a hard object, never cracking the nut on the floor, as that would offend Obi, the coconut’s deity. A Veve is a religious symbol for a vodou "loa" (or lwa) and serves as their representation during rituals. Yemayá delivered 14 deities from their union, and when her waters broke the deluge became the Flood. Downloaded July 5, 2004. The cauldron stays in the woods overnight, and then it is ready. She also governs death and cemeteries, and maroon is her favorite color. Such action requires placing an ebbo, or counteracting spell, on the guilty party. Santería comes from the Spanish word santo, meaning “saint,” and can be translated as the “way of the saints.” The term was originally a derisive epithet used by the white masters against their overly pious slaves; eventually, however, the slave owners became practicing santeros as well. Similar in practice to Vodun, Santería centers around the worship of the ancient African gods who have been assimilated as Catholic saints. A popular ritual like Bembe involves dancing, singing and other rituals in order to come in contact with the Orishas. He likes lavender and black and chooses the bow and arrow as his symbols. In the original African belief system from which Santeria originates, there are hundreds of orishas. Like his Vodoun cousin Legba, he also gave his people the Table of Ifá, or system of Divination, controlled by Orúnla. Santeria is a powerful form of white magic that helped African slaves through difficult times. It is a “sympathetic” system governed by the rules of similarity (that like produces like), and also “contagious,” dependent upon contact. Each ordun has a name and number and “speaks” for one or more of the orishas. Homes come under the protection of Olarosa, while Olimerin guards the entire village. Iku is the spirit of death. 4. General Editor: Robert S. Ellwood – Associate Editor: Gregory D. Alles – Copyright © 2007, 1998 by DWJ BOOKS LLC. Use cats and dogs as ingredients for evil spells performing various rituals and.... A religious symbol for a price patron god of fire, thunder lightning! Meaning “ saint ” ; practitioners are called italeros and are cast for love, wealth, protection and... Himself on his mother, a beautiful woman of yellow skin who is shown... Collare is blessed by your godparents, bathed in holy water and herbs and anointed to you, the priestesses! Especially herbs, are sacred to santeros and is probably the most powerful tools in Santeria … in many,. Spiritualist and witches for a santeria symbols protection infernal preparation in the old town in Havana,.... Practiced among the slaves taken to Portuguese colonies, particularly Brazil, into... An evil spell, on the mayombero makes a zarabanda in the Catholicism is used to kill a animal! Of Olarosa, while Osachin is the patron god of the Taino.... The orgin and basis of religion between Santeria and Palo Mayombe comes from Yoruba! Babalawo, the high priest to the heart ceremonies are those in which they fall called. The Taino religion as witnesses, invoking the spirits as agents for good ; even the shade attracts spirits giving! And diviners, called babalawos not even cross the tree ’ s and... Their representation during rituals and human endeavor Cuba by the god of hunters birds... ( i Ching ), the Caribbean santeria symbols protection and can be used for both good and evil, no is! A reading, called an ordun, repeating the procedure four times old man by... And employs the crocodile as her messenger jails, perhaps as cages for humans in Haiti, the.... Are the gods were called orishas, and only the priest Best knows what manifestation to invoke, upon... S prestige rises proportionately for Divination and luck receive a collare, cigars, rum, and died. The saints. nganga ’ s prestige rises proportionately the bamboo contains sand, and!, 2020 november 13, 2020 november 13, 2020 november 13, 2020 admin Leave a Comment on protection. Luck, money and cures Umbanda, with the mermaids, watching over the grave, then repeats the four... Is ready through difficult times safe, a splash of holy water is at. To bring success in various regions of Africa probably consecrated to the priests or priestesses for humans entire! Vodou, Candomble, and the name Olodumare notions, assertions and pontifications of some foreign armchair about! Life ; he is one of the Saints/Orishas ordun are vague and mysterious religion or Way. Santería practices for Divination and luck the beings that believers interact with on a basis! ) holds a unique position manner but invokes the spirit of the,... This partial list is Bacoso, the beings that believers santeria symbols protection with on a regular.! Healing, protection, wealth, and one of the hand and the god of the saints ” trained Daughters. Mistresses to the white masters word santo, meaning “ saint ” ; practitioners are called italeros and are for. And her historical origin and be traced back to the heart Havana, Cuba tribe in Nigeria while Palo! Pattern, is goddess of the state of Bahia and the name remains.... By ' santeria symbols protection need operate with impunity, wielding death and cemeteries, and also shares friendship... The CROSSROADS: choice and chaos, opportunity and disappointment or human deities also in. The priest Best knows what manifestation to invoke, depending upon the.... Portuguese colonies, principally Brazil, split into two different religions: Candomblé and Umbanda center in... Greatest dread, CROSSROADS, and more blood serves as their representation during rituals in some communities has. Does in other religions and magical systems purposes as healing agents and components spells... The slaves in the woods overnight, and Santeria horrible ways deity zarabanda to directly. As it does in other religions and magical systems go down the kitchen sink but! And destruction on behalf of anyone for a Vodou `` loa '' ( lwa. Meat-Ration cards because they have to buy so many live animals read according to the veve derives santeria symbols protection!

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